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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are my forecasted sales calculated?
    Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques are always hard at work, analyzing all the sales and inventory data so they can always provide you with the best possible recommendations! Before forecasting the future sales of a product, 7thLite will first reconstruct the historical sales to maximize accuracy -- adding back the lost sales and removing any unproductive sales. The forecasting techniques used are also dependent on the stage in the product lifestyle. Some stages may require forecasting by product attribute/channel while others require forecasting by style/color/. The system may also decide to use the sales histories of multiple products to determine the sales trend for a new product. Think of 7thLite as the parent and your product as the child. Regardless of their needs, we will find a solution!
  • Can 7thLite use data from similar product categories to forecast for new products?
    This can be achieved with our Test Buy module! It uses a sophisticated AI/Case Based Reasoning algorithm to intelligently designate similar products and product categories to create forecasts so you can test out your new products.
  • Will 7thLite recommend pricing strategies based on the forecasts?
    7thLite does not work with pricing strategies, but we are here for all your inventory needs!
  • If my business has 30 stores and 3 separate e-commerce stores, can 7thLite forecast for the separate channels?
    Yes, our program has the capabilities!
  • If I have multiple warehouses, can 7thLite create forecasts based on each location?
    Our program has the function to generate forecasts for each of the warehouses. Don’t worry, we’re here to do the math!
  • How many Shopify accounts can I add to 7thLite?
    7thLite supports any number of Shopify accounts you want to add to the system.

You can find more information in our Help Center

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